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    • Kent Post author

      In the Troubleshooting chapter I will try to make room for recovering objects that have been deleted from FIM Service DB

  1. CJ

    Hi Kent, Im working on MIM 2016 project for first time and sofar with help of your FIMhandbook I manage to get user provision /deprovision from SQL table into FIM PORTAL -> AD & Exchange
    Now I need to import/sync groups and membership in combination of SQL tables into FIMPORTAL then into AD .

    In SQL I have 2 table consist of group information , tables are structured as follows:
    Table : Groups
    [groupID] [varchar](21) NOT NULL,
    [groupDescription] [varchar](254) NULL,
    [groupManager] [varchar](254) NULL,
    [type] [varchar](254) NULL,
    [groupType] [varchar](254) NULL,
    Table : Groups_Members
    [employeeID] [varchar](254) NOT NULL,
    [groupID] [varchar](21) NOT NULL

    can you pls advice how to achieve this kind of scenario .


    • Kent Post author

      Sorry about the late reply. Notifications had stopped working from my blog so i missed it.
      What You need is simply to use the Groups_Members table as MultiValue table in your SQL MA. The Table/View requires three columns. In your case it would be [groupID],[attributeName],[attributeValue]. Your groupID goes into [groupID] “member” is the attribute name and employeeID is the value. BUT! in order to get this complete You also need your users in the same MA in order to get Reference values flowing. The best way is to have like [ObjectID], [ObjectType] columns to hold the ID and Type of each object. Download and look at the HR SQL example http://konab.com/wp-content/uploads/SampleSQLData.zip to see what i mean.


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